Curtains & Sofa Works UAE’s Luxurious Door Curtains

Curtains & Sofa Works UAE offers exquisite door curtains for your home. Door curtains are a fixture that is installed on doors for privacy as well as for decorative purposes. We offer Door Curtains in different colors, designs, sizes, materials, and also different styles. Our door curtains have many benefits over door curtains provided by the other companies as they are not very expensive, but still, have a lot of functionality in them. Curtains & Sofa Works UAE has come up with a variety of door curtains ideas and styles which will make your home look better than before.

Exquisite Fabrics Options For Door Curtains

When it comes to choosing the best material for your door curtains, Curtains & Sofa Works UAE has got you covered. We’ve got a huge variety of door curtain fabrics to choose from.

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Cotton Door Curtains

Cotton is a natural fiber, so it’s absorbent, durable, and breathable. It also has a tendency to breathe when you open and close the doors in your home. Cotton door curtains can be washed in the washing machine.

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Polyester Door Curtains

Polyester is a synthetic fiber. It’s durable and easy to clean, making it ideal for curtains. Polyester can be blended with other fabrics to create interesting patterns or textures. 

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Silk Door Curtains

The quality of silk is unsurpassed. Because it is an inherently natural material, silk can be washed and dried at low temperatures with no damage to the fabric.

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Linen Door Curtains

Linen is a lightweight & breathable material. Linen door curtains are commonly used for different doors in the home. Linen has an affinity for water, so it’s not a good choice for curtains in high-humidity areas.

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Rayon Door Curtains

Rayon is a man-made fabric made from cellulose, which is derived from wood pulp, cotton, or bamboo. It’s soft and thin, but it can wrinkle easily. The rayon produced in the United States has been developed specifically for use in curtains and upholstery fabrics.

Why You Should Buy From Curtains & Sofa Works UAE?

If you are planning to change your door curtains or to buy new curtains for your doors, then you must visit Curtains & Sofa Works UAE. We’ve got a huge variety of door curtains in a competitive price. We never compromise on the quality of our door curtains. We offer the door curtains for your entire home. You can choose from different types, styles, colors, sizes & materials of door curtains. Our experts will help you to choose the perfect door curtains as per your need. You can also customize the door curtains. You can tell your requirements to our designers & they will get your dream door curtains ready for you. Give us a free call today for a free quote.

Latest Door Curtains For All Spaces

Curtains & Sofa Works UAE takes pride to offer the high quality door curtains for all types of doors. You can choose from a variety of types & styles of door curtains for different areas of your home or offices.

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Bedroom Door Curtains

These Curtains are specially designed for your Bedroom’s door. Bedroom Door Curtains are made with special aspects like privacy and noise blocking.

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Kids' Room Door Curtains

Our Kid’s room Door Curtains are ever loved by kids and we create cartoon effects and many Disney characters for kids on Door Curtains.

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Dining room Door Curtains

Dining room door curtains are used to give a fancy look to your dining area. These Curtains are usually made of sheer fabric or velvet.

bathroom curtains

Bathroom Door Curtains

Bathroom door Curtains are designed to maintain privacy. Thick material is used for these door curtains that is durable & long lasting & not affected by the humidity.

balcony door curtains

Balcony Door Curtains

The balcony is a special and relaxing place for many people. Balcony Door curtains are available in different styles and materials. You can select any of our Balcony door curtains as per your needs.

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Office Door Curtains

Office is a special place where different minds work together for success. Therefore, office door curtains should be perfect and awesome. 

Premium Quality Door Curtains Near Me

If you are looking for a reliable company to buy quality door curtains then look no further than Curtains & Sofa Works UAE. We not only offer a huge variety of door curtains in different colors & materials, but we also give our experts opinion to ease your decision making. From buying to installing & taking care of your door curtains, you can trust our professionals. Our doo curtains are not heavy on your budget & you can have free estimates before purchasing your door curtains. You can get fully customized door curtains with the help pf our designers. So what are you waiting for? Call us today or visit to see the difference!

Phenomenal Types Of Door Curtains

The selection of Door Curtains is not as tricky now as it was. Now premium quality door curtains are just a few clicks away from you. At Curtain’s & Sofa Works UAE, door curtains are available in different types, you can select any one of them from us. Our experts will help you choose the perfect door curtains for your home. Some of the most common types of door curtains are discussed below: 

Room Darkening Door Curtains

Room Darkening Door Curtains are the best option for any dark lover. Door Curtains with a woven or foam back help to block from entering light in your room.

Sheer Door Curtains

Sheer Door Curtains are not used for privacy, Sheer curtains are just used for an elegant and soft look. These Door Curtains are semi-transparent and provide very less privacy.

Beaded Door Curtains

As the name shows these door curtains are made with beads and often sea shells and circular small mirrors too. These curtains are used for glamor, not for privacy.

Blackout Door Curtains

These door curtains are just perfect for any room where you want to add privacy. Blackout door curtains are great for light blocking and soundproofing.

String Door Curtains

These door curtains are very versatile. Although these door curtains are not used for light blocking but are still useful and liked by many people. These door curtains can be used as dividers in any space as well.

Cotton lining Door Curtains

These Curtains are not fully made with Cotton But include cotton lining. The cotton lining makes the curtains look bulky & the maintain the temperature of the room in which they are installed.

Lace Door Curtains

Lace door curtains have been used since ancient times for door curtains and are still popular. These door curtains are constructed from open work fabric with different flowers, and even sea shells.

Printed Door Curtains

Printed Door Curtains are printed as per your choice. Curtains & Sofa Works UAE also offers some pre-printed door curtains that are trending. These print designs include flowers, cartoons.

Extraordinary Styles of Door Curtains

curtains & Sofa Works UAE offers a wide range of style options for your door curtains. Every customer can buy the door curtains that perfectly fulfill their needs. We offer competitive price & a huge variety so every customer is sure to find the dream door curtains. Some of the most commonly desired door curtains styles are:

one sided curtains

Door Curtains Swags

These Door Curtains are loosely slung over a decorative rod, over a tieback from each corner of the window frame.

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Tab- Top Door Curtains

Tab-Top Door Curtains provide a relaxed feeling. These door Curtains are even gathered that are suspended from fabric loops slid over a curtain rod.

pinch pleat curtains

Pinch Plates Door Curtains

These Door Curtains are sewn evenly. With a series of evenly spaced folds of fabric on top. That’s why this is called a pinch plate. Hooks or rings at the top are sewn and a Door Curtain rod is passed through these rings to hang a curtain.

partition curtains

Patio Door Curtains

These door curtains include a drawing wand for simply opening and closing. Patio panels are a single curtain that is drawn to one side to allow passage easily.

string curtains

Balloon shades Door Curtains

The Ballon shades Door Curtains are used behind any curtain. These curtains help to gather the fabric into vertical folds. You can easily adjust the length and shade of the Door Curtain.

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Door Valances

Valance is the door topper that installs on a curtain rod. The Valances can be projected on the front of the main curtain. This is not specific to using it with a curtain you can use it alone.

eyelet curtains

Eyelet Door Curtains

Eyelet Door Curtains are popular for those who want flexibility. These Curtains are suitable for high ceilings and create a cozy impact.

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Shades Door Curtains

This type of Door curtain is lengthy and can be gathered upward with a tie or ring. These Door Curtains allow more light to come in when needed. A single Curtain panel can also be used for this purpose.


Hanging a curtain on a door is simple. You need to make sure the door is strong enough, wide enough, high enough, and long enough before hanging your door curtains. Take accurate measurements of your door for a perfect size of door curtains & the rod to hang the curtains. The hanging style depends upon the style of the door curtains that you’ve selected.

The door curtains and blinds are used to control light & to add a decorative touch. If you have a door that faces south, for example, you can use dark curtains to block out direct sunlight at certain times of the day. There’s nothing wrong with adding some flair! Whether you want to match the rest of your home or make an entranceway look fancier than usual, curtains can do just that.

Door curtains are a great idea if you want to add some style and personality to your home. They’re especially useful in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms where they can be used to help create a cozy feel by keeping out draughts or adding privacy. If you’re looking for something simple and inexpensive, then yes—a door curtain is a great option.

Different types of doors are installed in homes. Door curtains are a great solution for doors that get a lot of traffic, but they aren’t ideal for every door. Some doors have windows or panels that allow light to stream through, making them more energy efficient than others. So there is no need to install the door curtains. Door curtains can be an effective way to keep hot air out of your home, even on doors without windows or other light-blocking features.